Transfer on Commit—Removing Transfer on Commit—Confirm Selections Dialog Box


Use the Confirm Selections dialog box to confirm the devices on which to disable transfer-on-commit.

Configuration > Repository > Transfer on Commit > Remove Transfer on Commit. Select the devices on which to disable transfer-on-commit and click Next.


Superuser, Read-write.


Please Confirm display area—Displays the name of the device or devices on which transfer-on-commit will be disabled and confirms that the Junos Scope server has been removed as the transfer-on-commit server.

Finish button—Executes the remove transfer-on-commit operation. The Status—View Status Records dialog box appears displaying the status of the remove transfer-on-commit operation.

Cancel button—Cancels the operation and displays the Transfer on Commit menu.

Previous button—Displays the Select Device(s) dialog box.