Software Manager—Download Image Dialog Box


Use the Download Image dialog box to select the options for downloading a software image to a device or a group of devices.

Software Management > Images. Then click the Download link for the software image you want to download.




Selected Devices area—Displays the available devices and groups of devices to which you can download a software image.

Download Options: area

Comment (Optional) text box—Type an optional description for the download software image operation.

Select Time or Save Operation area—Lets you schedule when you want the download software image operation to run and save the download software image operation to combine with other operations or run at a later time.

Next button—Displays the Confirm Software Download dialog box if you selected the Now schedule option. Displays the Confirm Save Download Image dialog box if you selected the Save Operation as option. Runs the download image operation at the specified interval if you selected the Select Schedule option.

Cancel button—Returns you to the Images dialog box.