Scripts—Import—Import Dialog Box


Use the Import dialog box to import a Junos script into the Junos Scope CVS repository.

Click Configuration > Repository > Scripts. Click Import in the Scripts dialog box.


Superuser, read-write


Local File text box—Browse to the location on your local machine where you have stored the script to be imported.

MD5 Checksum For Verification (Optional) textbox —Lets you enter the MD5 checksum for the imported script. The checksum can be obtained from when you download the script. This checksum value is compared with the checksum stored in Junos Scope to verify that the downloaded script is intact. This field is optional.

Script Type drop-down list box—Select the script type from the Script Type drop-down list box

Comment text box—Type an optional comment for the script.

Import button—Imports to import the script into the Junos Scope CVS repository.

Cancel button—Clears this dialog box and redisplays the Scripts dialog box.