Scripts—Deploy—Select Script Revision and Options Dialog Box


Use the Select Script Revision and Options dialog box to select the script you want to deploy to a router or group of routers.

Click Configuration > Repository > Scripts. Select the script you want to deploy and click Deploy in the Actions column in the Scripts dialog box.


Superuser, read-write


Modified Date column—Lists the dates on which scripts were modified.

Revision column—Lists the current revision number of the scripts.

Comment column—Lists the optional comments entered while importing the scripts.

Enable Script check-box—Enables the script you are deploying.

Deploy on both REs.(In case of Dual RE device) check-box—Enables you to deploy the script on to both the routing engines (in case of dual routing engines).

Verify MD5 Checksum for downloaded script option button—Select this option if you want to ensure that the downloaded software script is intact. The MD5 checksum for the downloaded script is compared with the checksum value stored in Junos Scope. If they do not match, the operation fails and the error message is displayed.

Next button—Displays the Specify Devices and Time dialog box from which you can select the devices to which to deploy the script and the time at which to perform the deploy operation.

Cancel button—Clears this dialog box and redisplays the Scripts dialog box.