Pseudowires — Stiching Pseudowires — Select Time or Schedule Dialog Box


Use the Select Time or Schedule dialog box to set up the time or schedule for the creation, modification, or deletion of the pseudowires carried out in the earlier steps of the wizard.

Click Provisioning > Pseudowires > Stiching Pseudowires and click Next in the Select Device dialog box after entering the details, then click Next in the Add/Edit/Delete Pseudowires dialog box, and then click Confirm in the Confirm Add/Edit/Delete Pseudowires dialog box.


Superuser, read-write


Select Time or Save Operation: allows you to save the operation or set up the time or schedule.

Now option button—Select this option to carry out the operation now.

Save Operation option button—Select this option and enter a name for the operation to save the configuration as a named operation.

Select Schedule option button—Select this option button and select a schedule from the table below to set up the operation to be carried out at the specified time.

The table at the bottom of the dialog box lists the schedules configured in the Settings tab, giving the following details:

OK button—Click OK after selecting an option to set up the schedule or save the operation.

Previous button—Click this to go back to the Confirm Add/Edit/Delete Pseudowires dialog box.