Pseudowires — Stiching Pseudowires— Add/Edit/Delete Pseudowires Dialog Box


Use the Add/Edit/Delete Pseudowires dialog box to create, modify, or delete pseudowires.

Click Provisioning > Pseudowires>Stiching Pseudowires, and then click Next in the Select Device dialog box after entering the details.


Superuser, read-write


Stiching Type drop-down list box—Select the type of stiching configuration that you want to generate from the drop down list. The options are l2circuit -> l2vpn, l2circuit -> l2circuit, and l2vpn-> l2vpn.

Device drop-down list box—Select a device from the drop-down list box.

Fetch Details button—Click to fetch the details of the device that you selected from the Device drop down list.

Stitching Interface field—Enter the interface that you want to use for the stitching configuration. The iw0 interface is a control plane that you can use to directly perform a pseudowire stitch through the ASICs without having to use a tunnel services interface.

Source Pseudowire Details list box—Select the source pseudowire setail from the drop-down list box.

Destination Pseudowire Details list box—Select the destination pseudowire detail from the drop-down list box.

Add Entry button—Click this to add the pseudowire or save the modifications you made.

Edit button—Click this to make modifications to the pseudowire details.

Delete button—Click this to delete the tunnel.

Force Deploy button—Click this to push the configuration details to the devices even if you have not modified them.

Previous button—Click this to go to step 1: Select Device dialog box.

Next button—Click this to go to step 3: Confirm Add/Edit/Delete Pseudowires dialog box.

The table at the bottom of the wizard displays: