Pseudowires — Stiching Pseudowires — Select Device Dialog Box


The Stiching Pseudowires wizard has four steps, of which Select Device is the first step. Use the Stiching Pseudowires— Select Device dialog box to select the source and destination devices across which pseudowires are to be configured.

Click Provisioning > Pseudowires> Stiching Pseudowires.


Superuser, read-write


Select Device Source allows you to select whether you wish to select devices directly or select a device group:

Find Devices that include the following: allows you to search and display available devices.

Select a Field drop-down list box—Select from: Device Name, Device Hostname, Model, Location, or Comment.

Select an Operator drop-down list box—Select an operator from the drop-down list box and enter a value in the text box beside it.

Show button—Click this button to display all the devices that meet the criteria you specified.

Clear button—Click this button to clear the list of devices.

Select Devices—Select at least two devices. Press the Shift key and click the device names to select multiple devices.

Next button—Click this button to go to the next step in the wizard.