Pseudowires — Templates — Edit Details Of SAToP Template Dialog Box


Use the Edit Details Of SAToP Template dialog box to modify details of SAToP templates, which can be later used to create pseudowires.

Click Provisioning > Pseudowires > Templates, and click the template name.




Name—Enter the name of the SAToP template.

Comment—Enter a comment.

Payload Size—Enter a value between 1 and 1024.

Idle Pattern—Enter a value between 00 and FF.

Excessive Packet Loss Threshold—Enter a value between 1 and 100.

Excessive Packet Loss Sample Period—Enter a value between 1000 and 6535 milliseconds.

Jitter Buffer Latency—Enter a value in milliseconds.

Control Word check box—Select this check box to enable the control word.

Save button—Click this button to save the new SAToP template.

Cancel button—Click this button to go back to the Templates dialog box.