Pseudowires — Templates — Add New ATM Template Dialog Box


Use the Add New ATM Template dialog box to add new ATM templates, which can be later used to create pseudowires.

Click Provisioning > Pseudowires > Templates, select ATM as the template type and click Add.




Name text box—Enter the name of the new ATM template.

Comment text box—Enter a comment.

Bandwidth text box—Enter the bandwidth to be allocated to the pseudowire.

Control Word check box—Select this check box to enable the control word.

Mode drop down list- Allowed options are 1–to-1–vcc, n–to-1-vcc, 1–to-1–vpc, n-to-1-vpc, aal5–pdu and aal5–sdu

Maximum Cell Concatenation(1-28): text box— Enter the maximum number of ATM cells that can be concatenated before the packet switched network (PSN) packet is sent out.

Timeout(0-100 msec): text box— Enter the maximum time that the device should wait for the specified number of ATM cells to arrive for concatenation.

Sequence Number check check box— Select this to enable the sequence number check.

Sequence Number Switchover(1-255): text box— Enter a value between 1 and 255.

Encapsulation drop-down list box—Select an appropriate encapsulation type. Allowed options are atm-ccc-cell-relay and atm-ccc-vc-mux.

Save button—Click this button to save the new ATM template.

Cancel button—Click this button to go back to the Templates dialog box.