Monitor—Purge—Status—Select Device, Operations, Reports, Query Options Dialog Box


Use the Status—Select Device, Operations, Reports, Query Options dialog box to view the status of archive and restore operations that have run. With the Operations Status dialog box, you can select one or more routers for which to view the status and define a filter that displays status by the number of rows per page, defined properties, when last updated, and status in a defined state. You can also choose to have Junos Scope update the status by a defined number of seconds, minutes, or one hour.

Click Monitor > Status.


Superuser, read-write, read-only


Devices, Operations, and Reports to Query option buttons—Select from the following option buttons to select the items you want to query:

All Operations option button—Select all available Junos Scope operations that have run.

All Devices option button—Select all routers on which operations have run.

All Reports option button—Selects all custom scheduled inventory reports that have run.

Group option button and drop-down list box—Select a group of routers for which to see the operation status. Click the down arrow to see the available groups.

Selected Devices option button and list box—Select one or more routers from the available routers list for which to see the operation status. Click the down arrow to see the available routers. Shift +click to select more than one router from the drop-down list box.

Selected Operations list box—Select specific operations of which to view status.

Selected Reports—Lets you select from the following options:

Filters to apply to query options—Define the rule for viewing operation status. The filter rule options include:

OK button—Displays the Operation Status Results dialog box with the status of each operation that has run on the selected router(s) and according to the filter rule that you selected.