Monitor—Purge—Status—Purge Status Records Filter Options Dialog Box


Use the Status Records Filter Options dialog box to filter the status records you want to purge. Most Junos Scope operations add multiple status records to the Status table. As more and more operations are performed, this table grows in size and consumes disk space on the Junos Scope software server. The data in the Status table is useful only to administrators. From time to time, you must remove records that are no longer used in the Status table, and reclaim disk space if you are an administrator.

Click Monitor > Purge > Status.




Select Operation Age optionsLets you select all of the operations status records to purge or ones within a certain date range or a specified age. The area includes the following options:

Filters to apply to query options—Define the rule for filtering status records. The filter rule options include:

Filter button—Filters the status records using the filter options you have selected. The View Filtered Status Records dialog box appears.

Reset button—Clears all the values you selected and returns to the default values.