Load Configuration Dialog Box


Use the Load Configuration dialog box to deploy an imported partial configuration file to multiple routers and perform a simultaneous update of configurations on these devices.

Click Configuration > Repository > Load


Superuser, read-write


Group option button and drop-down list box—Select a device group to which to deploy an imported configuration. Click the Group option button, then click the Group drop-down list box to display the available groups for Junos Scope software operations. If you have not added any device groups, the Groups drop-down list box is empty.

Select Device(s) check box and list box—Select a device or devices to which to deploy an imported configuration. Click the Select Device(s) option button, then select the devices to which you want to load configuration from the Select Device(s) list box. If you have not added any devices, the Select Device(s) list box is empty.

Load Action drop-down list box—Select whether you want to override, replace, or merge (default) the current configuration on the devices. The available options are:

Synchronize Routing Engines check box—Click to load the configuration on both the master and backup Routing Engine, if a router has two Routing Engines installed.

Comment (Optional) text box—Type a descriptive comment about the load configuration operation you want to run.

Select Configuration table—Lists the configuration files archived from a router or imported from the local file system by name, archive date, revision, and comment. Select a configuration to load to the selected device or group of devices.

Select Time or Save Operation area: