Labels—Add Label Dialog Box


Use the Add Label dialog box to add text labels used to organize and categorize multiple devices for running Junos Scope operations.

Settings > Labels. Click Add in the Labels table dialog box.




Name text box—Type a unique label name. A label must not match any existing label or group name used in the Junos Scope software. For example, you could use a network name, customer name, a specific service name, and so on. The label name can be up to 40 characters long.

Category text box—Type a category for the label. The category is used to logically group related labels. For example, you can specify the type of network, a customer location, or the type of device. The category name can be up to 40 characters long.

Comment text box—Type an optional comment. The comment should describe the purpose of the label.

OK button—Saves the label in the Junos Scope database and lists the name, category, and comment in the Labels table dialog box.

Cancel button—Displays the Labels table dialog box without adding a new label.