Labels Dialog Box


Use the Labels table dialog box to view existing text labels used to statically group multiple devices for Junos Scope operations. You can associate a label with devices and add, edit, and copy labels. You can also import and export labels to the local file system in XML format.

Settings > Labels




Labels table—View existing labels by name, category, and comment. From the table, you can perform actions such as edit, copy, and delete, and associate a label with one or more devices.

Edit link—Lets you edit the label in that row of the table. The Edit Label dialog box appears.

Copy link—Copies a label in that row of the table. The Copy Label dialog box appears.

Delete link—Removes a label from that row of the table. The label is deleted from the Junos Scope database provided no scheduled operation is using the label. If the label is being used by a scheduled operation, a message appears stating that the label is in use.

Associate Devices link—Displays the Associate Devices to Label dialog box from which you can select one or more devices to associate with a label.

Add button—Displays the Add Label dialog box for you to add a new label which consists of a unique name, category name, and comment.

Import button—Displays the Import Labels dialog box from which you can import label information in XML format from the local file system.

Export button—Displays the File Download dialog box so you can save the label to the Junos Scope database.