Inventory Management System—Scan—Select Device and Time Dialog Box


Use the Inventory Management System Scan—Select Device and Time dialog box to perform an inventory scan. A scan gathers a listing of all inventory items, such as:

Inventory Management > Scan.


Superuser, read-write


Steps In Task—Describes the basic steps to complete the inventory scan task.

Devices to Scan section—Lets you select a group or selected devices on which to scan inventory. The options include:

Select Time or Save Operation section—Lets you select when you want an inventory scan to occur: now or at a predefined time. It also lets you save a scan operation with a unique name.

Comments text box—Type an optional comment about the inventory scan.

Next button—Displays the Scan—Confirm Selections dialog box.

Cancel button—Closes this dialog box and redisplays the Inventory Management menu.