Import—View Import Status Dialog Box


Use the Import—View Import Status dialog box to view the status of a device configuration file imported into the Junos Scope CVS repository.

Configuration > Repository > Import. Select the device configuration file to import. Confirm the import file selections, and click Next.


Superuser, read-write


Local File display field—Displays the imported device configuration file pathname.

Configuration display field—Displays the name of the imported device configuration file in the CVS repository.

Action Taken display field—Displays the status of the imported configuration file. The possible actions include:

If there are two different configuration files—a.conf and b.conf—the actions taken would be as follows:

Local file Configuration Action Taken     Revisiona.conf config1      -> Added  1.1b.conf config1      -> Changed 1.2b.conf config1      -> No changesa.conf config1      -> Changed 1.3 a.conf config2      -> Added   1.1

Revision display field—Displays the revision level of the device configuration file in the CVS repository.

OK button—Opens the Import—Upload Configuration File dialog box.