Import/Export Data—Export All Data and Import All Data Dialog Box


Use the Export All Data and Import All Data dialog box to export all setup data from the Junos Scope software database to an XML file on the computer file system. The default export all filename is Junos Scope-all.xml. You can also use this dialog box to Import all settings data from another Junos Scope server. The Export All Data and Import All Data Dialog Box lets you specify the XML filename that you want to import. Click Browse to navigate to the Junos Scope data file that you want to import.

Click Settings > Import/Export Data.




Export Data Encryption Format options—Select one of the following ways to export all settings information from the Junos Scope software:

Export All Data button—Displays the File Download dialog box for exporting all of the Junos Scope software setup data to the file system.

File text box—Lets you type the filename of an XML file that to import. The default files that you can import are as follows:

Settings Data

XML Filename

Access methods

Junos Scope-access-methods.xml

Authentication information

Junos Scope-access-methods.xml


Junos Scope-devices.xml


Junos Scope-groups.xml


Junos Scope-schedules.xml


Junos Scope-labels.xml

Users > Local Authentication

Junos Scope-users.xml

Users > User Group Authorization

Junos Scope-usergroups.xml

Users > Authentication Policy > User-Specific Authentication Policy

Junos Scope-auth-policy.xml

Users > Authentication Policy > Global Authentication Policy

Junos Scope-globalPolicy.xml

RADIUS Configuration

Junos Scope-radiusClients.xml

Import/Export Data

Junos Scope-all.xml

Saved Operations

Junos Scope-operations.xml

Browse button—Displays the File Open dialog box so that you can browse for and select an XML file to import.

Key text box—Type the key to decrypt the sensitive data that you want to import. The key is required if you selected not to include it when the data was exported. This key can be up to 16 characters long and is created during the Junos Scope installation.

Import Options—Select an import method to be used if a conflict occurs between existing records stored in the Junos Scope server and imported records when synchronizing Junos Scope settings imported from multiple servers, The available import method options include:

Import All Data button—Imports the contents of the XML file that you selected to import into the Junos Scope software. You see the information in the appropriate setup dialog box.