Groups Dialog Box


Use the Groups dialog box to view the router groups that have been added for Junos Scope software operations. A group is comprised of routers that are associated by a common property, such as device name, hostname, model number, and comment. The group becomes active when you perform an archive.

The Groups dialog box is empty until you add a group.

Click Settings > Groups.




Group table—Lists the added router groups by group name, selection criteria, and comment. The group name is the name of the group for the Junos Scope software and must be 20 characters or less. The selection criteria defines how you want the group to be selected or queried from the device information stored in the Junos Scope software database. The comment is a description of the router group and can be any length. Select a group to copy, edit, or delete.

OK button—Redisplays the Junos Scope software main window.

View Members button—Displays the View Members dialog box from which you can view all of the routers that belong to a specified group.

Add button—Displays the Add Group dialog box from which you can add a new router group by typing a group name, defining a rule for selecting the group from the database, and adding a descriptive group comment.

Copy button—Copies the selected group in the Junos Scope database. A 1 (one) appears after the copied group and increments sequentially each time you copy the same group. Select a group to copy.

Edit button—Displays the Edit Group dialog box from which you can edit an existing router group by typing a new name, deleting an existing rule for selecting the group and adding a new one, adding to the existing rule, or typing a new group description. Select a group to edit.

Delete button—Deletes the selected group from the Junos Scope database. Select a group to delete.

Export button—Displays the File Download dialog box to export the setup data in XML file format to the file system. The default devices export filename is Junos Scope-groups.xml.

Import button—Displays the Import dialog box for you to specify the import XML file to import.