Devices—Update Interface Details Dialog Box


Use the Update Interface Details dialog box to update the Junos Scope database with the details of a specific interface of a device.

Click Settings > Devices. Click Update Interface Details in the Devices dialog box.




Device Name: field—Displays the name of the selected device.

Loopback Address: field— Enter the loopback IP address of the device.

Enter Interface field— Enter the interface whose details are to be updated in the database.

Add button— Adds the interface to the Interface list.

Interfaces list— Displays the interfaces present in the Junos Scope database. This list also shows the new interfaces that you have added to the list.

Remove button—Clears the selected interfaces from the Interfaces list box.

Remove All button—Clears the Interfaces list box.

Save button— Sets the loopback address for the devices and Updates the interface details of the selected device

Reset button—Clears all the values you selected and displays the last saved values.

Cancel button—Clears this dialog box and displays the Devices dialog box.