Configuration—Current—View—Configuration Editor Dialog Box


Use the Configuration Editor dialog box to edit the contents of the committed configuration from a selected device.

Click Configuration > Current > Edit. Select a device and click Next in the Edit Current Configuration dialog box.


Superuser, read-write


Navigation pane — Displays the statement hierarchy levels of the configuration that have been configured. Provides an expanding and collapsing tree view of the configuration for a selected router. Click a statement hierarchy level or [+] to view its configured substatements. Click Expand All to view all levels of the configuration. Click Hide All to collapse the configuration statement hierarchy levels to the top.

Configuration view pane—Displays the current level of the configuration statement hierarchy. Displays the configuration container and leaf statements. Container statements contain other statements. Leaf statements do not contain other statements. Displays data for the current level of configuration. Click Edit to modify that configuration statement and any nested statements. The word Configure appears if a configuration statement has not been modified. Click Configure to edit the configuration of that statement and any nested statements.

Command buttons—Contains the buttons that control the view in the statement/hierarchy view:

Icon legend—Describes the icons that appear in the configuration items: