Configuration File Associations—List of Configuration Associations Dialog Box


Use the List of Configuration Associations dialog box to view the list of configuration associations saved in the Junos Scope server. The configuration associations are listed by configuration file name, configuration file version, comment, and the criteria associated with the configuration file. The configuration associations are displayed in the order in which the set of criteria is compared with the device attributes. Use this dialog box to add/edit/reorder/delete/import/export configuration associations.

Click Configuration > Repository > Config Associations.


Superuser, read-write


Config Name column— Lists the names of the configuration files used in the configuration association.

Config Version column— Lists the versions of the configuration files.

Comment column— Lists the comments entered while creating the configuration associations.

Criteria column—Lists the criteria of each of the configuration associations.

Delete button—Deletes selected configuration associations.

Add button— Displays the Add New Configuration Association dialog box where you can create a new configuration association.

Reorder button— Displays the Reorder Configuration Associations dialog box where you can change the order of the configuration associations.

Export button—Displays the File Download dialog box to export all the saved configuration associations in XML file format to the file system.

Import button— Displays the Import Config Associations dialog box where you can import configuration associations onto the Junos Scope server.