Configure LSP Paths—Add a New LSP Path Dialog Box


Use the Configure LSP Paths — Add a New LSP Path dialog box to add LSP paths which will be used in creating MPLS/GRE tunnels.

Click Provisioning > MPSL/GRE Tunnels > Configure LSP Paths, and then click Add.




Device Name drop-down list box—Displays the device names from which you can select one on which to add an LSP Path.

Name—Enter the name of the LSP path.

Comment—Enter a comment on the LSP path.

Enter a Node—Enter node information (IP addresses and adjacency) of the LSP path.

Add button—Click this button to add the node to the LSP path.

Next Hop—Displays the nodes you have added.

Remove button—Select a node and click Remove to remove that node from the LSP path.

Remove All button—Click Remove All to remove all nodes from the LSP path.

Move Up button—Select a node and click Move Up to move it up in the path.

Move Down button—Seclect a node and click Move Down to move it down in the path.

Save button—Saves the LSP path you have added.

Reset button—Resets the information you have entered.

Cancel button—Takes you to the previous dialog box (Configure LSP Paths).