Compare—Select Configurations Dialog Box


Use the Compare—Select Configurations dialog box to select two configuration file revisions to compare. By default, the Compare command compares a newer revision of a configuration with an older one, but you can select to have an older configuration file revision compared with a newer one.

Click Configuration > Repository > Compare. Select a device from which to compare configurations, or select an imported configuration filename and click Next.


Superuser, read-write


Select Two Revisions to Compare table—Lists the configuration file revisions that have been stored in the Junos Scope CVS repository for a device or imported configuration filename. The table lists the archived revisions by date, revision, and comment.

Swap revisions (Compare older selected revision to newer?) check box—Select this check box to have the Junos Scope software compare an older configuration file revision to a newer one.

Compare Output Type drop-down list box—Select the way you want to view differences between configuration revisions: Colored Diff or Unidiff. Colored Diff displays differences in configuration revisions in color. Unidiff includes a minus sign (-) that represents a difference in one revision of the configuration file and a plus sign (+) that represents a difference in the other.

Previous button—Redisplays the Compare—Select Options dialog box for you to select a device from which to compare configuration revisions or an imported configuration filename for which to compare configuration revisions.

Next button—Displays the Compare—View Differences dialog box from which you can view the differences between the two configuration file revisions.

Cancel button—Clears this dialog box and redisplays the Configuration > Repository menu.