Archive—Confirm Selections Dialog Box


Use the Archive—Confirm Selections dialog box to confirm whether you want to finish a selected operation, such as Archive.

Click Configuration > Repository > Archive. Select the device(s) or a group of devices from which you want to archive a configuration and a time to archive in the Archive—Select Device and Time dialog box, then click Next.


Superuser, read-write


Please Confirm Operation display field—Displays the operation, the device or group from which the operation will be performed, and the schedule for your confirmation.

Finish button—Executes the operation. An operation progress message appears, then the Requested Operation Status dialog box appears displaying the status of the operation by device name, operation status, start time, last updated time, and the operation status message.

Previous button—Redisplays the previous operation dialog box and does not execute the operation.

Cancel button—Cancels the operation and redisplays the Junos Scope main window.