Performing the BERT Test

To perform the BERT diagnostic test, follow these steps:

  1. In the Junos Scope main window, click Provisioning > Diagnostics > BERT Test. The Select Interfaces dialog box opens.
    Image s041196.gif
  2. Select the device on which you want to perform the BERT test from the Select Device list.
  3. Select an interface from the Select Interface list. Click Add to add it to the Selected Interfaces list. You can select multiple destination devices for one combination. Shift-click to select multiple interfaces.
    To remove a interface from the Selected Interfaces list, select it and click Remove. Click Remove All to clear the Selected Interfaces list.
  4. Select the BERT algorithm from the BERT Algorithm list. This algorithm is the pattern to send in the bit stream and is used to test the quality of the links on the selected interfaces.
  5. Enter a value in the Error Rate field. This can be an integer from 0 through 7, which corresponds to a bit error rate from 100 (1 error per bit) to 107 (1 error per 10 million bits). Ensure that the error rate value is between 0 and 7.
  6. Enter a value in the Period field to specify the duration of the test. By default, the BERT period is 10 seconds. You can configure the BERT period to last from 1 through 240 seconds on most PICs. Ensure that the Period value is between 1 and 240.
  7. Click OK. The BERT Test results dialog box displays whether the BERT test was a success or a failure. Click on the success or failure message to view more details of the BERT test.
    Image s041197.gif