Performing the Traceroute Diagnostic Test

To perform the traceroute diagnostic test, follow these steps:

  1. In the Junos Scope main window, click Provisioning > Diagnostics > Traceroute. The Select Devices dialog box opens.
    Image s041227.gif
  2. Select a source device from the Source device list, and a destination device from the Destination Device(s) list. Click Add to add the source-destination device combination to the Selected Device Combinations list.
    To select multiple destination devices for one particular device combination, shift-click all the destination devices in the Select Device(s) drop-down list box. You can also enter the IP address of the destination device in the Enter Hostname/IP Address field.
    The format of the source-destination device combination is source:destination. In case you have selected multiple destination devices, the format is then source:destination:destination.
    To remove a source-destination device combination, select the combination and click Remove. Click Remove All to clear the Selected Device Combinations list.
  3. Click OK. The Traceroute Results dialog box displays a success or a failure message depending on the operational status of the pseudowires between the selected source-destination device combinations.
    Image s041228.gif