Configuring a Trap Destination

To configure an SNMP trap destination, follow these steps:

  1. In the Junos Scope main window, click Provisioning > Monitoring > Trap Destination Configuration. The Configure Trap Destination dialog box opens.
    Image s041229.gif
  2. Enter the IP address of the trap destination in the Trap Destination field. Ensure that you entered a valid IP address in the trap destination field.
  3. Select the device or group of devices to which you want to configure a trap destination from the Select Device Groups or Select Devices list box. Shift-click to select multiple devices.
  4. Enter a comment about the configuration in the Comment field.
  5. Select when you want the operation to occur by clicking the appropriate option button:
    • Now—(Default) Performs the operation immediately after you confirm it.
    • Save Operation as— Saves the operation with the name you give it to run at a later time.
    • Select Schedule—Performs the operation at the scheduled time interval.
  6. Click OK to run the operation according to the options you specified. The Confirm Configuration dialog box opens. Click Cancel to go back to the Pseudowire Monitoring dialog box
  7. Image s041230.gif
    Confirm the configuration details and click Finish to configure the trap destination for the selected pseudowire.
    Click Previous to back to the previous step. Click Cancel to go back to the Monitoring dialog box.