Monitoring Pseudowire Parameters

To view important attributes of a pseudowire, follow these steps:

  1. In the Junos Scope main window, click Provisioning > Monitoring > Monitor Pseudowire Parameters. The Filter Pseudowires dialog box opens.
    Image s041212.gif
  2. Define the criteria for filtering pseudowires by selecting and specifying any one of the following details. You can define more than one criterion for filtering pseudowires.
    • Select the device or group of devices whose pseudowire details you want to view from the Select Device Groups or Select Devices list box. Shift-click to select multiple devices.
    • Select the Select Pseudowire Endpoints button and select the endpoints of the pseudowires from the two lists.
    • Enter a value in the Virtual Circuit ID field to view the details of all the Layer 2 circuit pseudowires that have that virtual circuit ID.
    • Enter a value in the VPN Name, Site Name , and Site Id fields to view the details of all the Layer 2 VPN pseudowires that have those values.
  3. Click Filter. The Select Params dialog box opens. This dialog box displays all the pseudowires that match the criteria that you specified in the previous step.
    Image s041213.gif
  4. Select pseudowire parameters that you want to view from the Complete Params List and click Add to add them to the Selected Params list. Click Add All to add all the parameters from the Complete Params List. You can remove parameters from the Selected Params list by selecting the parameter and clicking Remove. Click Remove All to clear the Selected Params list.
  5. Select the pseudowire whose details you want to view from the filtered list of pseudowires.
  6. Click Fetch Details. The selected details of the pseudowires are displayed in the Pseudowires Param dialog box.
  7. Click Back to go back to the Monitoring dialog box.