Filtering and Testing Layer 2 circuit Pseudowires

To filter and test Layer 2 circuit pseudowires:

  1. In the Junos Scope main window, click Provisioning > Pseudowires > Filter and Test l2circuit Pseudowires. The Filter and Test l2circuit Pseudowires dialog box opens.
  2. To view all the pseudowires provisioned by Junos Scope, select All Pseudowires:.
  3. Select the device or group of devices whose pseudowire details you want to view from the Select Device Groups or Select Devices list box. Shift-click to select multiple devices.
  4. Select the Select Pseudowire Endpoints button and select the endpoints of the pseudowires from the two lists.
  5. Enter a value in the Virtual Circuit ID field to view the details of all the Layer 2 circuit pseudowires that have that virtual circuit ID.
  6. Click OK. The pseudowires are filtered according to the criteria you specified and displayed in a list.
  7. Image s041086.gif
    Click View after selecting a pseudowire to display the details of the pseudowire.
  8. Click Test to send the show l2circuit connections command to each endpoint of the pseudowire, and to show the results.
    Image s041087.gif