Assigning Devices to a Saved Operation

You can assign devices or a group to a saved operation. The saved operation is used as a template , but it will not run on the devices that were originally used in the saved operation. Instead, the saved operation will run on the new device or group which is specified by the user. For a sequential task that involves an image upgrade, you can simultaneously execute the task on a maximum of 25 devices. A concurrent compound operation is created and the saved operation concurrently operates on each of these devices. If you assign a group to a saved operation, the group only expands once, and the saved operation runs on the devices belonging to that group.

  1. From the Junos Scope main window, click Settings > Saved Operations. The Saved Operations dialog box appears.
    Image s001506.gif
  2. Click the Assign Devices link for the operation that you want to run. The Assign Devices for Running Saved Operation dialog box appears.
    Image s001508.gif
  3. Select the Group or Select Device(s) option button.
  4. Select the group or devices that you want from the Group or Select Device(s) list box. Shift + click to select multiple devices from the Select Device(s) drop-down list box.
  5. Select when you want the operation to occur by clicking the appropriate option button:
    • Now—(Default) Runs the operation immediately after you confirm it.
    • Save Operation as—Saves the current operation in the Settings > Saved Operations table so you can combine that operation with other operations or run that operation at a later time. Click the Save Operation as option button, then type an operation name in the text box. You cannot assign any more devices to these saved operations.
    • Select Schedule—Runs the operation at the scheduled time interval. Select the schedule that you want in the schedule table.
  6. Click OK.
    • If you selected the Now option, the saved operation immediately runs on the devices or group that you assigned to the operation.
    • If you selected the Save Operation as option, the operation is saved and listed in the Settings > Saved Operations dialog box. You cannot assign any more devices to these saved operations therefore, only the Run, View, and Delete links are displayed on the Status—View Status Records dialog box.
    • If you selected the Select Schedule option and selected a schedule, the operation runs when the operation is scheduled to be run.

    When the operation run process is complete, the Status—View Status Records dialog box appears.

    Image s001489.gif

    The Status—View Status Records dialog box lists the operation by operation name, operation type, report name, username, operation status, last updated time, and operation system log message. The operation status can be successful, failed, writing, pending, rebooting, connecting, or working.