Access Methods—Edit Access Method Dialog Box


Use the Edit Access Methods dialog box to edit the information necessary to connect the Junos Scope software to a router on the network, including an access method name for the Junos Scope software, an access method type (SSL or clear-text), and an authentication information name.

Click Settings > Access Methods. Select the access method that you want to edit in the Access Methods dialog box, and click Edit.




Access Method Name text box—Type a name for the remote router access method for the Junos Scope software. This is the access method name used in the Add Device dialog box.

Access Method Type drop-down list box—Select a supported access protocol that is configured on the router, Junos XML protocol over SSL, NTECONF over SSH, or Junos XML protocol over clear-text.

Authentication Information drop-down list box—Select an authentication name to use for the access method. This is the same name that you created in the Add Authentication Information dialog box.

OK button—Displays the Access Methods dialog box with the edited access method information.

Cancel button—Clears this dialog box without saving any editing changes.