Devices Dialog Box


Use the Devices dialog box to connect the Junos Scope software to routers on the network. The Devices dialog box is empty until you add routers. The Devices dialog box lists the added routers by device name, DNS name or IP address, access method, model number, location and comment.

We recommend that you set up authentication information and access methods before setting up routers or devices.

Click Settings > Devices.




Devices table—Lists the devices added to the Junos Scope software by device name, DNS name or IP address, access method, model number, and comment. You can sort devices data by table column name in ascending or descending order by clicking the table column name

Add button—Displays the Add Device dialog box so you can add a new router for Junos Scope software operations.

Copy button—Copies the selected device in the Junos Scope database. A 1 (one) appears after the copied device and increments sequentially each time you copy the same device. Select a device to copy.

Edit button—Displays the Edit Device dialog box so you can edit router information. Select a device to edit.

Update Interface Details button— Displays the Update Interface Details dialog box so you can update the Junos Scope database with the details of a specific interface of a device.

Delete button—Deletes a selected router or routers from the devices table. Select a device to delete.

Export button—Displays the File Download dialog box to export the setup data in XML file format to the file system. The default device export filename is Junos Scope-devices.xml.

Import button—Displays the Import dialog box for you to specify the import XML file to import.

Sync Device Details button—Displays the Sync Device Detail dialog box where you can synchronize the Junos Scope database with the interface details of a device that you specify.