Users—Local Authentication Dialog Box


Use the Users—Local Authentication dialog box to view the users who have access privileges or permission to use the Junos Scope software. The Users—Local Authentication dialog box lists users by username and permissions. The Junos Scope software provides three permissions for performing operations: Superuser, read-write, and read-only.

Users with Superuser permission can perform all Junos Scope software operations: administration, configuration management, status, and Looking Glass. Users with read-write permission can perform configuration management, status, and Looking Glass operations. Users with read-only permission can perform only Looking Glass operations.

Click Settings > Users > Local Authentication.




Users table—Lists the local users by username and the user groups to which they belong. If no users have been added, the table is empty. Select a user to copy, edit, or delete.

Add button—Displays the Local Authentication—Add User dialog box so you can add a new Junos Scope software user.

Copy button—Copies the selected user in the Junos Scope database. A 1 (one) appears after the copied user and increments sequentially each time you copy the same user. Select a user to copy.

Edit button—Displays the Edit User dialog box so you can change Junos Scope software user information. Select a user to edit.

Delete button—Removes a Junos Scope software user. Select a user from the table before clicking Delete. Select a user to delete.

Export button—Displays the File Download dialog box to export the setup data in XML file format to the computer file system. The default users export filename is users.

Import button—Displays the Import dialog box for you to specify the XML file to import.