Backing Up Junos Scope Application Data

Periodically, when the operational activities of the Junos Scope server are at a minimum, you should back up the Junos Scope application data. We recommend that you back up the database and data repositories simultaneously to ensure data consistency between the Junos Scope router configuration repository and the MySQL database.

Note: The database root username and password is mandatory to backup and restore the database using the msqldump command.

To back up Junos Scope application data, follow these steps:

  1. Change to the directory where the Junos Scope software is installed:
    % cd <JTK_INSTALL>
  2. Using the mysqldump command, back up the contents of the Junos Scope MySQL database:
    % ./mysql/bin/mysqldump --socket=data/db/mysql.sock \ --user=root \ --password=pw \ --opt \ --all-databases \ > /path-to-backup/Junos Scope-db-backup.sql

    <JTK_INSTALL> is the path of the Junos Scope installation, < pw > is the database root user's password (created during Junos Scope installation, and < path-to-backup/Junos Scope-db-backup.sql > is the name and location of the backup file you create.

    For example:

    % cd <JTK_INSTALL> % ./mysql/bin/mysqldump --socket=data/db/mysql.sock/ --user=root/--password=foobar /--opt --all-databases /> /opt/backups/jnscp/dbdump.sql

    This command example backs up the contents of the MySQL database using the password foobar and creates a file called dbdump.sql in the /opt/backups/jnscp/ directory.

  3. Navigate to the Junos Scope data directory:
    %cd <JTK_INSTALL>/data

    <JTK_INSTALL>/data is the path where the Junos Scope application data is stored,

  4. Back up the contents Junos Scope router configuration repository CVS root directory using a UNIX backup utility or the tar command:
    % tar cf /path-to-backup/Junos Scope-data-backup.tarcvsroot archivedreports images access-methods.xml

    < path-to-backup > is the directory where you want to store the backup, < Junos Scope-data-backup.tar > is the name of the backup tar file to create.