Using the Software Manager

This chapter describes how to use the Software Manager, a licensable module, to manage the installation and deployment of software images on devices in the network. See Figure 13.

Figure 13: Junos Scope Software Manager Operations

Image g003494.gif

You can download software images from the Juniper Networks Support Web page to the local file system of your workstation. You can import these software images into the Junos Scope server,

You can download a software image to a device or group of devices, and install that image immediately or at a scheduled time. You can install an image previously downloaded onto a device or directly from the Junos Scope server.

Using the Software Manager, the installation process occurs according to the installation options that you select; see Step 3. Once installation is complete, the Software Manager reboots the device, and verifies that the software that is running on the device matches the software image installed.

You must have superuser privileges to use the Software Manager.

The following topics describe how to manage software images: