Exporting Inventory Management System Data

This chapter is intended for users who are familiar with Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) and the Structured Query Language (SQL), who want to develop their own customer applications to access information from the Junos Scope Inventory Management System. It is not meant to be a complete SQL reference. Refer to your applicable SQL guides for complete reference information.

This chapter describes how an external inventory application can connect to the Junos Scope Inventory Management System database and extract Juniper Networks device inventory information by way of an SQL interface. The Junos Scope software is bundled with MySQL, an open source relational database management system (RDBMS). (See Figure 11.) The query examples used in this chapter to extract inventory data are for MySQL.

Figure 11: Export Inventory Management System Data Topology Diagram

Image g002314.gif

External inventory applications can extract inventory data, such as hardware, software, licensed features, and inventory scan events, from the Junos Scope Inventory Management System database. A unique username and password must be configured during the Junos Scope software installation to enable read-only access to the Inventory Management System database.

Junos Scope versions 7.4 and higher support extracting Inventory Management System database information to an external inventory application.

This chapter also describes the SQL database schema to facilitate data export, and also describes each database table.

A demo Inventory Management System database is bundled with the Junos Scope installation, which consists of tables populated with sample inventory data. You can develop scripts or programs to practice extracting data from the demonstration database without having to scan real inventory data into the production Inventory Management System database. For more information about the demo tables, see Demo Inventory Management System Database Tables .

This chapter includes the following topics: