Using Inventory Reports

This chapter describes how to view and manipulate Inventory Management System reports of inventory data stored in the Junos Scope software database. Inventory data is stored when the Inventory Management System scans devices on the network for items, such as hardware components, software components, and feature licenses.

The Inventory Management System can generate predefined inventory reports from the stored inventory records, or you can define your own report formats. You can save custom inventory reports, including user-specified definitions and controls. Reports are saved in the Junos Scope database, where all Junos Scope users can view them.

An Inventory Management System Demo lets you view and manipulate sample inventory reports so you can practice and learn the full potential of the system before scanning real production inventory data.

The Inventory Management System displays reports in a browser using HTML, and can also be exported to Extensible Markup Language (XML), Comma-Separated Values (CSV) text, Adobe PDF, and Microsoft Excel formats.

You must have superuser, read-write, or read-only access privilege levels to use the Inventory Management System reports.

This chapter includes the following topics: