Saving an Inventory Scan Operation

You can save inventory scan operations and combine them with other saved operations to run concurrently or sequentially on specific devices either immediately or at a specified time or interval.

To save an inventory operation, follow these steps:

  1. From the Junos Scope main window, click Inventory Management > Scan. The Scan—Select Device and Time dialog box appears.
    Image s001477.gif
  2. Select a group or one or more devices on which to scan inventory.
  3. Click the Save Operation as option button and type a name for the saved inventory scan operation in the text box.
  4. Click Next. The Scan—Confirm Selections dialog box appears.
    Image s001478.gif
  5. Check to see that the selections for the scan operation you want to save are correct.
  6. Click Finish. The Inventory Management menu appears.

    To view the saved archive operation, click Settings > Saved Operations. To work with saved operations, see Using Task Manager (Saved Operations).