Performing an Inventory Scan

To perform an inventory scan, follow these steps:

  1. In the Junos Scope main window, click Inventory Management > Scan. The Scan—Select Device and Time dialog box appears.
    Image s001477.gif
  2. Select the devices you want scanned. Select either the Group (default) or Selected Devices option button.
  3. Click the down arrow to select the group or device(s) that you want scanned. You can select multiple groups or devices by Shift or Control-clicking each device name that you want.

    Note: The Inventory Management System scans the inventory on both the TX Matrix and its attached T640 routers; and the TX Matrix Plus router and its attached T1600 router.

    The TX Matrix routing platform consists of the switch-card chassis [SCC] and the attached T640 routers (also known as line-card chassis [LCC]).

    The TX Matrix Plus router consists of the switch-fabric chassis [SFC] and the attached T1600 router (also known as line-card chassis [LCC]). When you want to make any changes or perform a scan on an LCC, remember to make your changes through the SFC which controls the TX Matrix Plus router. When you perform an inventory scan on an SFC and then on an LCC, an event, which says that hardware was deleted from the SFC and added to the LCC, is created. This happens because a hardware scan on the SFC returns the hardware details of all its attached LCCs.

  4. Select when you want the inventory scan to occur:
    • Now—(Default) Performs an inventory scan immediately after you confirm it.
    • Save Operations as text box—Lets you save the inventory scan operation with a unique name so that you can combine it with other operations to run on devices.
    • Selected Schedule—Click an option button to schedule when you want inventory scanning to occur.
  5. In the Comment text box, type an optional descriptive comment about the inventory scan that you want to perform.
  6. Click Next. The Scan—Confirm Selections dialog box appears.
    Image s001478.gif
  7. Click Finish to confirm the scan inventory operation. If you selected Now in Step 4, inventory scanning occurs immediately and the Scan—Wait for Operation to Complete message appears.
    Image s001479.gif

    If you selected a predefined schedule, inventory scanning occurs when that schedule is specified to run.

    When the scan inventory operation is complete, the Scan—View Operation Status dialog box appears displaying the status of the operation.

    Image s001480.gif