Prerequisites for Using the Inventory Management System

Before you can use the Inventory Management System, you must set up and populate access methods, devices, groups, and schedules in Junos Scope.

Note: Junos Scope performs both hardware inventory scans and software inventory scans on root system domain (RSD) devices but performs only software inventory scans on a protected system domain (PSD) device. This is because RSD and PSD devices share certain hardware resources such as flexible PICs concentrators (FPCs), etc. If Junos Scope performs a hardware inventory scan on a PSD device, it will send a copy of the hardware inventory items to the RSD device. Junos Scope will not check if the device is a RSD device or a PSD device. To find out if a device is PSD or not, check the value in the model field of the device. A PSD device will have ’-PSD’ appended at the end.