Viewing Junos Scripts

To view Junos scripts, follow these steps:

  1. In the Junos Scope main window, click Configuration > Repository > Scripts. The Scripts dialog box appears.
    Image s001521.gif


    All Junos scripts saved in the Junos Scope CVS repository are listed in the Scripts dialog box alphabetically by name. The dialog box displays the script filename, type, and the actions you can perform on Junos scripts.

  2. Select the Junos script you want to view by clicking View in the Action column in the corresponding row. The Select Revision dialog box appears.
    Image select_rev_viewscript.gif

    The Select Revision dialog box lists the revisions of this script in the Junos Scope CVS repository.

  3. Select the revision you want to view by selecting the check box in the corresponding row, then click View. The View dialog box appears.
    Image view_script.gif

    The script is displayed in the View Scripts dialog box.

  4. Click Previous to return to the Select Revision dialog box to select another revision to view. Click OK to return to the Scripts dialog box.