What Happens on the Router During a Restore Operation

The following steps describe what happens on the router when the Junos Scope software performs a restore and archive:

  1. The user selects the configuration revision to restore.
  2. Junos Scope connects to the Junos XML protocol server on the target router.
  3. Junos Scope sends the following commands to the Junos XML protocol server to be performed on the router:
    1. Lock the router configuration.
    2. Load the new configuration on the router, overriding (discarding), replacing (deleting and adding), or merging (combining) the old configuration.
    3. Issue a commit confirmed command.
    4. Issue a commit-configuration Junos XML protocol XML tag command. If the user specified it, Junos Scope issues a commit synchronize command.
    5. Unlock the configuration.

      Note: If an error occurs, Junos Scope issues a rollback command, causing the configuration to revert to the last saved configuration.

  4. Junos Scope updates the final status values for the restore operation.