Importing a Configuration File

To import a configuration file, follow these steps:

  1. In the Junos Scope main window, click Configuration > Repository > Import. The Import—Upload configuration dialog box appears.
    Image s001271.gif
  2. In the Local File text box, click Browse to navigate to the file on your file system that you want to import. You can import configuration files in ASCII text format or XML format.
  3. In the Name in Repository text box, type the name that you want the file to have in the CVS repository.
  4. Type an optional comment to identify the version of the imported configuration file.
  5. Click Next. The Import—Confirmation Selections dialog box appears showing the file name, file type, and the comment that you specified.
    Image s001221.gif
  6. Click Finish. The Import—View Import Status dialog box appears indicating that the configuration text file was imported into the Junos Scope software, versioned, then stored in the CVS repository.
    Image s001272.gif
  7. Click OK.