Exporting All Settings Data

You can export all Junos Scope settings data at once to an export XML file for importing later to another Junos Scope server.

To export all setup data at once, follow these steps:

  1. In the Junos Scope main window, click Settings > Import/Export Data. The Import/Export Data dialog box appears.
    Image s001450.gif
  2. Select how you want sensitive data in authentication information exported from the Junos Scope software. Sensitive authentication information can be exported in one of the following ways:
    • Encrypt sensitive data and provide key at import time—Sensitive data is exported encrypted and the key to decrypt it is not included in the exported data, but is supplied during import.
    • Encrypt sensitive data and include decryption key—Sensitive data is exported encrypted, along with the key needed to decrypt the data. This lets you easily export all settings data to another system.
    • Export sensitive data unencrypted—Sensitive password data is not encrypted at export.
  3. In the Export All Data area, click Export All Data. The File Download dialog
    box appears.
    Image export-all-file-download.gif
  4. Click Save to export all of the setup data in the database to a default export XML file named Junos Scope-all.xml. Click Open to view the contents of the export XML file.

    Note: The Junos Scope-all XML filename is not generated if you use the Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 Web browser to export Junos Scope setup data. You will see an export####### filename.