Adding a Schedule

As the Junos Scope software administrator, you can add a schedule for archiving a configuration file from an added router.

To add a schedule, follow these steps:

  1. In the Junos Scope main window, click Settings > Schedules. The Schedules dialog box appears.
  2. Click Add. The Add Schedule dialog box appears.
    Image s001512.gif
  3. In the Schedule Name text box, type a name for the archive schedule that you want to add. The schedule name must be less than 20 characters long.
  4. In the Start Date drop-down list boxes, select a schedule start date.
  5. In the Start Time drop-down list boxes, select a schedule start time.
  6. In the Time Interval drop-down list box, select the schedule time interval.
  7. In the Comment text box, type an optional descriptive schedule comment.
  8. Click OK.

    The schedule is saved in the Junos Scope software database and is listed in the Schedules dialog box.