Setting Up Schedules

This chapter describes how to set up schedules for running a configuration management operation, such as archive, restore, and inventory scan. You can specify the date, time, and interval when you want a Junos Scope software operation to occur.

A schedule is an independent entity that has no effect until you use it for an operation. When you set up a schedule, you are not doing anything operation related. You can use the same schedule for multiple operations.

When you want to see information about when an operation ran and when it is scheduled to run again, use the Manage > Operations command (see Viewing Scheduled Operations). The Operations page provides status information only for operations run using an existing schedule not for operations run using the Now schedule option.

You can import schedule information from another Junos Scope server or export it as backup or for importing to another server.

You must have superuser permission to set up a schedule.

This chapter includes the following topics: