Setting Up Labels

This chapter describes how to create labels, or text names, that help you to statically organize a large group of devices on the network so that Junos Scope operations, such as archive configuration and scan inventory, can be performed on them.

A label consists of a unique name, a category used to logically organize labels, and a comment to describe the purpose of the label. For example, you could create the following labels—North, South, East, and West—in a category called Region.

You can associate an existing label with one or more devices. You can also use a label as a rule in the group criteria wizard for setting up groups of devices. For more information about associating a device with a label, see Setting Up Devices. For more information about using a label as a criterion for creating a group, see Setting Up Groups.

You can edit, copy, and delete labels. Additionally, you can import labels that have been saved to the local file system from another Junos Scope server and export them to the local file system.

You must have superuser permissions to set up labels.

The following topics describe how to set up labels using the Junos Scope software: