Setting Up Groups

This chapter describes how to define groups of routers (devices) on which you want to run Junos Scope operations. The Junos Scope software can perform operations on groups, such as archiving a configuration file from a group of devices or scanning the hardware, licensed features, and software packages installed.

You can associate devices with Junos Scope software operations. Groups are comprised of devices that are associated by some common factor, such as device name, model, hostname, comment, or label. A group is a separate entity that has no effect until you associate it with an operation, such as archive.

You can specify the rules for querying a group from the device information stored in the Junos Scope software database. You can define rules by combining a device attribute (device name, device hostname, model, comment, or label) with a positive (“does/is” ) or negative (“not” ) comparison operator and a value. After you have added the first rule, you can add other rules to the end of the list of rules, insert them after a given rule, or insert them before a given rule with either “and” or “or” joining the new rule. You can also delete existing rules from the list.

Device attributes (for example, name, model, as comparison) provide a way to dynamically associate a group of devices. Label comparisons provide a way to statically associate a group of devices.

We recommend that you set up devices before you set up groups so that there will be device information in the Junos Scope software database from which to select. For information about setting up devices for the Junos Scope software, see Setting Up Devices.

You must have superuser permission to set up groups.

The following topics describe how to manage groups: