Setting Up Devices

This chapter describes how to add the routers or devices on which you want to run Junos Scope software configuration management and monitoring operations.

The Junos Scope software supports Juniper Networks routing platforms running the Junos XML protocol server and Junos OS. In the Junos Scope software, each router must have a unique device name, Domain Name System (DNS) name or IP address, remote access method, model number, and an optional comment. We recommend that you set up access methods before you set up devices (see Setting Up Access Methods).

You can associate one or more existing labels to a device when you add, copy, or edit it. Labels, in free text format, provide a way to define static associations with a group of devices, such as 'Region: North', 'Customer: Important', and so on. You create labels using the Settings > Labels command. When you create labels, you can associate them with devices. Operations such as archive configuration and scan inventory can be performed on a large group of routers based on labels. For more information about setting up labels, see Setting Up Labels.

You can import device information from another Junos Scope server or export it as backup or for importing to another server.

You must have superuser permissions to set up devices.

The following topics describe how to manage devices using the Junos Scope software: