Connecting to the Junos Scope Software from a Client Workstation and Logging In

You can connect to the Junos Scope software Web server from a UNIX or PC client workstation running Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or Netscape Navigator 6 or later.

The Junos Scope administrator can log in to Junos Scope with the administrative username and password specified during the installation process.

The default administrative username is admin. The administrator can add new users to log in and use the Junos Scope software. Each user must have a unique username and password. For more information about adding new users, see Setting Up User Local Authentication.

To connect to the Junos Scope software Web server and log in, follow these steps:

  1. Start your Web browser.
  2. Enter the following URL in your Web browser Address text box:

    Where hostname is the name of the UNIX workstation on which the Junos Scope software is installed, and port-number is the port on which the Junos Scope Web server listens for HTTPS requests. The default port is 8443. The Junos Scope Login dialog box appears.

    Image s001483.gif
  3. In the Username text box, type the administrative username. The username is the Junos Scope software administrative username specified during installation.
  4. In the Password text box, type the administrative user’s password.
  5. Click Log In. The Junos Scope main window appears.
    Image s001422.gif

For more detailed information about the Junos Scope main window, see Junos Scope Main Window.